your digital file

My products are purchased through my online shop in ETSY, the world’s greatest marketplace for artisans and craftspeople. Each product consists of a digital file -in a compressed .zip format- containing all the documentation and information you need to create and assemble it. Once you’ve purchased the product, you can download it immediately, source your material and start your project right away. For useful tips on the various steps check my Instagram channel.

Each DIGITAL FILE contains:

brochure from

a 1-page brochure of the product you purchased describing its main features. I also include a discount code for your next purchase and an indication of how easy is to assemble this project.

schematics from

summary schematics, showing the layout of the plank (or planks) of cardboard you are going to be using for this project. This way you can have a general idea of the project: all the pieces, where to cut and where to fold. It conveniently shows a grid with numbers indicating the different pages that will be printed with the blueprint files hereafter. It is available for printing in both A4 paper size and Letter paper size.

blueprints from

blueprints in PDF format -for your convenience. Just print the templates in your home printer, place them on a cardboard plank in the indicated numbered sequence, and start cutting and folding. You will find several files to be able to adjust to your standard paper size in your country, be A4 format, be Letter format.

video instructions from

a link to my video collection so you can easily assemble de cut pieces. The video is a short under 2′ clip that features the main steps of the assembling process.