step-by-step guide

Purchase and download the file from my shop in ETSY. You will obtain a compressed file (.zip) that contains several documents:

  • a brochure of the element you purchased describing its main features.
  • summary schematics, to have a general idea of what you are about to assemble.
  • blueprints in several formats -for your convenience.
  • access to video instructions for easy assembling the product.

Procure the basic materials required for most projects: pencil or pen, stencil, a good set of cutters, glue, paint and brushes or spray cans.

Source your cardboard. Different options are available depending on the project: from the most sustainable, you can recycle used cardboard boxes -visit your local grocery shop or supermarket, to purchasing the boards on specialized stationary or DIY stores, to buying them online (Amazon and the like). The latest is probably the most expensive and cumbersome as shipping large fragile cardboard boards is not the easiest feat in the world.

Visit my video channel ( and watch the assembling video. Do so as many times as needed until you grasp all the different subtleties, tips and tricks required to successfully and effortlessly assemble the project at hand. Check also my Instagram channel for useful tips on the various steps.

Print the template in your home printer choosing the appropriate blueprint (format and paper size)

Place the sheets of paper on the cardboard following the pattern shown in the schematic page (.pdf) included in the digital file (.zip) you downloaded: from left to right and top to bottom. Each page is numbered so you can keep track of what goes where. Then start cutting. Remember: blue lines=cutting, red lines=folding.

Once you’ve cut all the pieces, start assembling as instructed in the video.

Now for the decoration, release your creativity: you can use paint, stickers, glitter, fantasy self-adhesive paper… and many more. A visit to your local stationery will surely give you a tonne of ideas and possibilities. If you’re located in Europe and happen to be near a TEDi store, I recommend a visit… they have a lot of different affordable materials suitable for decorating Ezy2do projects.

Don’t forget to take a photo of your creation and send it to me (mail: [email protected]) so I can feature you on Ezy2do social networks. Equally, should you get stuck, don’t hesitate to ask for help at the same email address.

Sit back and admire your talent and your creativity!